Super Typhoon Haiyan has affected the lives of so many people in the Philippines and around the world, including that of our own fisherman in the Philippines who help us source our seafood products. This is the time to support them. Help their plight by donating to their cause. Below is a list (provided by S
outhside Magazine) to a number of charitable organizations both globally and locally supporting the survivors:

UNICEF: collecting donations to get water to children without which diarrhea, disease and death are a high concern.

Global Medic: also working to get water to those who most needs it. The Rapid Response Team is already on the ground in the Philippines and all donations will be matched by the Canadian Federal Government.

Philippine Red Cross: on the ground right now providing aid and setting up communications to help victims find family members.

World Food Programme: providing rush food and resources to those who need it.

Philippines Independent Church and St John’s Cathedral: collecting money and daily necessities to send over to those effected.


For more ways you can help, please visit the Hong Kong Philippines Consulate General’s Relief Drive for Typhoon Haiyan.