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Foolproof Gourmet Meals
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"Secret Ingredient" put FUN and EASY back into cooking by taking out everything that's not! Annoying stuff like:

X Time-wasting grocery shopping

X Overpriced ingredients (we're 40% cheaper than City Super!)

X Soul-crushing chopping and prepping

X Disappointing recipes & awkward leftovers

See for yourself with a meal from this week's menu (Bright Orange Button Below)!

I could ramble on about how handy same-day delivery is or how quickly you'll be making these incredible meals... HOWEVER...

Our happy customers put it best!

Unsolicited Raves From
"Secret Ingredient" Fans:

"Just finished cooking mine, it is by far themost flavorful meal I have ever made! I wish I knew all your guys' secrets!"

Valerie D.

14 September 2014 via Facebook Post 

"I have done SI [Secret Ingredient] many times and every time it was SOOOO delicious."

Annie F.  

25 March 2015 via Facebook Post 

"Caeli [young daughter] cooked us a fabulous meal with Secret Ingredient yesterday!! It was a gift from Aunty Cindy!! Salted Pig pork chop with roasted apple and cinnamon sauce, beer pickled onions and mash. So fancy!!"

Martin R.

3 December 2014 via Facebook Post

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  • When you're ready to eat, get your step-by-step instructions out (delivered with the ingredients).
  • Enjoy your delicious home-made meal in about 20 minutes!
Pssst... Also, our packaging is biodegradeable and recyclable. We don't use plastics because PCB's don't make for a good spice!