To allow anyone to cook healthy, delicious meals at home. We make cooking FUN and EASY. We take out all the hassle of “shopping, chopping, and marinating” recipes so that you can create mouth-watering chef designed meals at home.

Why us?

Pre-measured, sorted, freshly prepared choicest ingredients with delicious and varied weekly recipes to choose from, delivered at home with flexible timing…sounds like a dream? “I refused to go in my kitchen but now love cooking for my girlfriend.” – said Simon.

Dream, no more…because this is a reality that thousands of professionals and homemakers in Hong Kong alike have learned to trust and love on an everyday basis!

Secret Ingredient was founded by Maximilian von Poelnitz three years ago and since then we have been proud to gain thousands of loyal and delighted customers, ordering their meals from us on a regular basis…”we try to source gourmet specialty ingredients to ensure we are 40% cheaper than City Super.” Max says.

Our guarantee:
What is Secret Ingredient

We deliver fresh,
sorted, chopped
and pre-measured

So that you save the time and trouble of
selecting, shopping and prepping the
ingredients for everyday meals.

Easy Cooking –
Fun at your kitchen!

Pre-measured and chopped premium ingredients, are
packaged in bio-degradable bags with an easy instruction
card, so that cooking is fun and messy-free.

Regular update on
exciting discounts
and promotions!

We like to stay connected with our customers
and surprise them with exciting offers…
even on brand new recipes!

Efficient delivery

We deliver 7 days a week to 80% of Hong Kong with
flexible timing, so that your grocery
ingredients stay fresh!

Our ingredients

Our Fish

We use top quality seafood in our recipes including snapper off the coast of New Zealand , Atlantic Salmon from Norway and our Yellowfin Tuna from the Pacific waters of Indonesia.

Our Meats

Our meat is the sourced from all over the world. Our beef comes from the Victorian farms of Australia where we only take high-grade MSA (Meat Standards Australia) approved grass-fed beef. All of our chicken is USA certified free-range chicken. Our ducks are French "Mulard" ducks, a specific type used at all the best restaurants across Europe and around the world.

Our Vegetables

Our vegetables are locally sourced from Hong Kong farms and are chosen carefully to provide our customers with the freshest produce possible. Rest assured, we add in an extra step by washing all of our fruits and vegetables beforehand!.

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Fresh New Recipes – Every Week!

Our head chef Kevin and our CEO (also an awesome chef!)
lock their brains together to come up with delectable and mouth-watering dishes!

Secret Ingredient team

Secret Ingredient Easy recipes you Great Home Cooking
So what are you waiting for?