Secret Ingredient will only use corn based packaging by the end of 2012. NO PLASTICS.


Polylactic acid is derived from corn, a renewable resource, and it is used as a natural substitute for petroleum-based plastics and polyester products.

In the proper environment, PLA materials degrade naturally over time, making these products an environmentally responsible and practical choice for a number of applications, including food preparation. PLA warps and degrades more quickly when exposed to excessive heat or humidity.  


When pure PLA is exposed to excessive heat or moisture or as a natural process over time, the polymer chains that make up the substance begin to break down.

This creates ever smaller polymer chains. The result of this process is lactic acid, which is a naturally occurring nutrient that is also found in milk. Lactic acid is completely biodegradable, and it poses no threat to local wildlife or water supplies. As lactic acid breaks down in the environment, it produces carbon dioxide, water, and stable organic matter used to form humus and topsoil.

GREEN GOOD - Nature Works

Secret Ingredient has partnered with one of Hong Kong's largest plastics supplier to exclusively use Nature Works products. You can see their website at :