Secret Ingredient is feeding Hong Kong with just ‘One More Plate’!

17 February  2013 - Secret Ingredient, Hong Kong’s premier ready-to-cook delivery service, has partnered with Feeding Hong Kong, Hong Kong’s first food bank dedicated to rescuing surplus nutritious food and redistributing it to people in need, to launch the ‘One More Plate’ campaign!
What is ‘One More Plate’?
‘One More Plate’ is a campaign in which 5% of all gross profits from Secret Ingredient will be donated to people in need through the charity Feeding Hong Kong. People who purchase Secret Ingredient can see how many people they are supporting at the campaign page located here:

“Social good is not something new to the Secret Ingredient family. For the past two years we’ve been supporting the community by donating our time to local charities. ‘One More Plate’ now allows us to really infuse social good into the DNA of the company, or through every meal purchased,” says Secret Ingredient founder Max Von Poelnitz.

How does it work?
Secret Ingredient customers purchase a meal at Secret Ingredient’s website. Of the meal, five percent of it is automatically set aside for Feeding Hong Kong. At the end of every month, Secret Ingredient donates the money. Feeding Hong Kong then uses the money to redistribute nutritious food to feed someone in need.

Why is this important?
More than 1.5 million people suffer from food insecurity in Hong Kong. This includes children, working families; these are people in our community.

“Now someone who needs it can eat for a day, from one order made. How amazing is that? Nothing is required from our customers to participate other than for them to be inspired that each time they eat Secret Ingredient, they are adding a table setting for one more plate at their dinner table,” says Max.

Visit the campaign page here:

In addition, Secret Ingredient has now launched a new branch in Happy Valley! With this new storefront, Secret Ingredient is now serving 80% of Hong Kong with new delivery areas including Sai Kung, Gold Coast, East Kowloon and more. Also, Secret Ingredient will be opened 7 days a week so customers can enjoy their SI meals for their Saturday date-night, dinner parties, nights-in and more! Additional information can be found here:
About Secret Ingredient
Secret Ingredient makes cooking fun and easy! Consumers simply select recipes designed by our Head Chef, we delivery fresh ingredients and they cook a gourmet meal in 15 minutes or less! Now busy couples and families can have a delicious meal without the hassle. Same day delivery is available for those that order by 5 pm!
About Feeding Hong Kong
Feeding Hong Kong is the only food bank in Hong Kong dedicated to redistributing surplus food to people in need. By providing a bridge between the food industry and the hungry of Hong Kong, Feeding Hong Kong provides a solution that simultaneously cuts food waste and feeds those most in need.