Secret Ingredient Launches Father’s Day BBQ Special

16 June 2013, Secret Ingredient, a home delivery for prepped foods, is announcing a Father’s Day BBQ Special!

Father’s Day and Mother’s Day are special holidays where the immediate family comes together to celebrate someone special, and food is a big part of that! Restaurants are packed and with small kids, it can become stressful ” Said Max, founder of Secret Ingredient.

“We wanted to create a dish that was packed with flavor for the dad and that allowed him to have some fun on the grill! The dish can of course also be cooked on any stovetop but we made sure it was BBQ friendly” Said Jesse, the Head Chef.

The main dish is a juicy Australian flank steak with Charred Asparagus & chimichurri glaze, with a smokey potato, bacon & horseradish salad, topped by a Mango meringue with passionfruit! U.S. Craft Beers are provided as well to let the dad truly relax!

A meal for just the parents costs $400 while for a family of 4 costs $750. The special will have limited availability and must be ordered by Friday, June 14th


About Secret Ingredient
Secret Ingredient makes cooking fun and easy! They deliver the freshest ingredients already prepped and all ready to cook. Now busy couples and families can have a delicious meal without the hassle. Same day delivery is available for those that order by 5 pm!