Secret Ingredient Launches Premium Range Recipes!

6 November 2013 - Secret Ingredient, Hong Kong’s first ready-to-cook gourmet delivery service, has launched a unique trial of a new line of recipes – The Premium Range.
“We’ve seen that our customers, or our ‘chefs’ as we like to call them, enjoy cooking our gourmet meals but want to continue to showcase that restaurant- quality style meals at a different level. With this new range, Secret Ingredient is allowing Hong Kongers to do that: cook a more decadent meal at home. ” says founder Maximilian von Poelnitz.
“We take great pride in sourcing ingredients, but now we also provide chefs with new specialty items such as Black Truffle, Wagyu Beef, and other premium recipe items.  We want to give people the option to cook with high-end ingredients at affordable prices. “says Maximilian
The first recipe on the menu is the succulent Roasted Lobster & Black Truffle Butter Linguini dish. This includes premium quality ingredients such as Canadian Lobster and Black Truffles.  We have also sourced Wagyu (Marble score 8+) for our collaboration with Brickhouse Restaurant which launches in 3 weeks. 
“The Premium Range test trial is running throughout the holiday season until January 31st.  The premium range is perfect for holiday parties during Thanksgiving, Christmas or a special occasions,” says Jesse, Head Chef of Secret Ingredient.  
About Secret Ingredient
Secret Ingredient makes cooking fun and easy! Consumers simply select recipes designed by our Head Chef, we delivery fresh ingredients and they cook a gourmet meal in 15 minutes or less! Now busy couples and families can have a delicious meal without the hassle. Same day delivery is available for those that order by 5 pm!