Secret Ingredient Launches South Side Delivery! 

23 January 2013- Secret Ingredient is a unique home dining concept to the Hong Kong market that first launched catering to busy professionals living in Hong Kong. “I used to work long hours in the corporate world and the last thing I had time to do was run around between supermarkets looking for quality ingredients,” Max said.
The company’s head chef and co-founder, Brian Campbell, has created over 100 unique dishes over the past year.  The company offers a selection of healthy, tasty, gourmet dishes with fresh produce sourced from local suppliers and premium meat, fish and poultry imported from Australia, New Zealand and the US. The ingredients arrive in a parcel after being measured, washed, chopped, peeled, sliced and diced and each meal is designed to take 15 min to 30 minutes to cook.
Max von Poelnitz, CEO and Founder, said Secret Ingredient is focused on making it as easy as possible to cook fresh food at home, with online ordering and same-day delivery straight to the office or home.
He says,  “Customers select a dish and we provide them with all the ingredients and a recipe that follows our Cook-by-Letters system so they can get straight down to the business of making the meal,”  
“Secret Ingredient is perfect for families, especially on Sundays when the helper is out. Meals are delivered fresh and can easily be served within 15 to 30 minutes.” said Max von Poelnitz.
People often ask ‘what is the secret ingredient’?  Each recipe has a one of a kind sauce, dressing, or spice blend that brings out the best in each dish.
“Secret Ingredient is the sous chef – we take the stress away and make the cooking experience fun, simple and accessible for both novices and experts in the kitchen.”
“And importantly, we have designed this concept for Hong Kong kitchens, so minimum cooking utensils and space is required,” Brian added.
“Through Secret Ingredient, customers receive exactly portioned and prepared ingredients for their specific meal, so there is no excess buying or wasting of food,” he added.
“We’ve also put together a lovely selection of wine pairings for each of the meals so you can relax and enjoy your night in with good food and wine.”