Prepping dinner with the freshest and most premium ingredients

Secret Ingredient was created because our founders were not only challenged to find the time to cook dinner but also to source the best ingredients at a great value. This compelled them to develop the Secret Ingredient brand; they believe they can provide the very best produce and meats for you and your family.

We take pride in making sure our customers eat only what we would be proud to serve on our own kitchen table!
Our ingredients

Our Fish Our Fish

We use top quality seafood in our recipes including snapper off the coast of New Zealand, Atlantic Salmon from Norway and our Yellowfin Tuna from the Pacific waters of Indonesia.

Our Meats Our Meats

Our meats and poultry are sourced from all over the world. Our beef comes from the Victorian farms of Australia where we only take high-grade MSA (Meat Standards Australia) approved grass-fed beef. All of our chicken is USA certified free-range chicken. Our ducks are French "Mulard" ducks, a specific type used at all the best restaurants across Europe and around the world.

Our Vegetables Our Vegetables

Our vegetables are sourced from top quality restaurant suppliers and are chosen carefully to provide our customers with the freshest produce possible. Rest assured, we add in an extra step by washing all of our fruits and vegetables beforehand!

Our commitment

Our Secret Ingredients Our 'Secret Ingredients’

Many people ask us "what is THE secret ingredient?"... and we cannot help but chuckle. The answer is that while premium ingredients are of utmost importance to us, the meals also need to be delicious! Each one of our meals is designed by our Head Chef or a Restaurant Celebrity chef partner who creates these gourmet recipes with fresh ingredients as well as taste in mind.

We use healthy low-cholesterol oil e.g. olive oil and grapeseed oil. No animal or trans fat.

Our packaging Our packaging

We are constantly working to minimize our packaging and to limit the use of plastics. We use packaging made out of corn built by a company called Green Works LLC."

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